Partner with Us

We’re looking for quality companies around the world to help bring Quasco’s high tech solution to concrete roads in need of renewal. You can be the first to bring Quasco’s unique solution to problem roads in your country, getting credit (and thanks) from your local transportation officials. In addition to setting yourself apart in your market, there is an opportunity to generate substantial income. Our partner in China made over $2 million (USD) last year alone from rubblization projects. This partner is a road construction company, so by having the exclusive rights to our technology, they also secure entire road rehabilitation projects (including the asphalting & finishing) simply because they have access to our rubblization machines.

We don’t sell equipment, so no large cash outlays from our partners are required. You simply locate, arrange for and help coordinate rubblization projects in your country. We perform all of the rubblization work with our equipment and personnel. This is a great opportunity for road construction firms, asphalt companies, road engineers or related entities.

Be the first in your country to bring American innovation to solve a problem that persists in every corner of the world – what to do about concrete roadways nearing the end of their useful lives.

Please fill out the form on our Contact page or email Joe Hopkins for more information.