Our Company

Over the last two decades, Quasco has used its rubblization technology to transform millions of square meters of concrete roadway into long-lasting, new roads. Our commitment to constant improvement of our technology has resulted in a process that is substantially more robust than it was just ten years ago.

Headquartered in the United States (St. Louis, Missouri) we have focused on using the latest cutting-edge American technology in the areas of metallurgy, mechanical engineering and computer programming to develop a state-of-the-art solution to the problem of concrete roads near the end of their useful lives.

While headquartered in the US, our ownership is global. With equity holders in Australia, Africa, Europe, China, the Middle East and the US, many of whom are engineers and work every day in the infrastructure-related industries, we can bring to bear a group of experts with a worldwide perspective.

At Quasco, we are committed to a sustainable world. Our process recycles the existing concrete in place, turning the old road into a substantial base for direct overlay of asphalt. The production of concrete contributes to pollution and uses more energy than practically any other industrial process. In China, with a population four times that of the US with 1/10 of the farmland, it is critical to not just throw the old concrete away. Our process leaves such land available for farming.