Concrete Removal

In many cases, a rehabilitation project calls for full-depth removal of the concrete slab to be replaced with new concrete. Often, a concrete treated base (CTB) exists beneath the concrete slab which must not be damaged in the rehabilitation process.

Only Quasco’s resonant rubblization technology can quickly remove the slab be without any damage to the CTB or any sub-grade utilities roadway.

Our resonant technology, combined with a standard milling machine, allows for the fast removal of the concrete slab with little or no post-processing of the rubble. Typically, the rubblized concrete can be immediately re-used as gravel-sized fill.

The first step in this process is the rubblization of the existing concrete slab. The process is the same as any other resonant rubblization project.

In the following video, the rubblization of the PCC slab is complete and is ready for milling. The nature of the rubblized concrete is such that the PCC retains its structure until milled. The milling process breaks apart the interlocked rubbblized concrete significantly faster and easier than attempting to milling unbroken concrete. The CTB base remains intact with no damage.

Any reinforcing steel bar is completely de-bonded from the PCC slab for easy and safe removal.

Concrete Removal - Reinforced Steel Bar Removal from PCC Slab - Quasco

The combination of resonant rubblization and milling of the rubblized PCC creates an easily removed, gravel-sized fill material requiring little or no additional processing. The impact on the milling machine, as compared with milling unbroken PCC, is significantly less wear-and-tear. Down-time for the milling machine is drastically reduced. The speed of the removal process is significantly increased. The compaction of the rubblized PCC in the haul truck is significantly increased (compared with traditional removal methods) and the number of truck trips decrease, saving time and money.

In this video, the completion of the removal of the PCC is highlighted. Note the particle size being loaded into the haul truck.